A letter from our founder

As a morenita with a big nose, and a big smile to match, I know what it feels like to not fit into the Eurocentric beauty standards that society often pushes. Growing up, I loved swimming in the pool and playing under the solecito, but I was often told to stay out of the sun because it would make me darker. This made me feel like my brown skin was ugly the darker I got, and I know I am not the only one who had to overcomer such “well-meaning” comments.

My self-esteem was further impacted by cystic acne and a damaged skin barrier, issues that continued into adulthood as I tried everything to "fix" my skin. Let’s not forget the damage beauty trends like “glass skin” and the filters used in social media and marketing ads can cause. Pores are normal, and some people are just lucky to have acne-free skin.

Healing my skin and nurturing the "little niña" inside me led me to rediscover self-love through botanicals and their healing properties. As my skin began to heal, I started to wonder why there were no skincare brands speaking to brown-skinned girls from a Latina perspective. This curiosity and desire to fill that gap inspired me to start my own brand.

In 2020, Piel Culta was born. We launched with our Guau Glow! facial oil, made with a blend of prickly pear and rosehip oils that I used to repair my skin barrier. We are a skin-positive brand that refuses to accept toxic beauty standards and is committed to dismantling colorism within our Latinx community.

We're here to celebrate our brown skin and honor our indigenous features, pese a quien le pese.

- con cariño💗  

Diana Pimentel
Founder & Jefa

Diana Pimentel, the founder of Piel Culta, stands outdoors in a garden with lush greenery in the background. She is wearing a white dress with puffed sleeves, gold earrings, and a delicate gold necklace. She has long dark hair and is partially shaded, with sunlight creating dappled patterns on her face and dress. Her expression is thoughtful as she looks off into the distance, with one hand raised slightly to shield her eyes from the sun.

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